3 Steps to follow if your phone falls in the water

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What to do if If the phone falls in the water

If the phone falls in water or gets wet in the rain. Then do that work immediately. Your phone won’t be spoiled.

The season has started. Everyone waits for this monsoon season. But during the monsoon, many sorts of problems even have to be faced. During this point, most complaints of electronic devices getting damaged by water. Although with touching care, electronic devices like phones are often saved from getting damaged by water, let’s realize the ideas and tricks to guard the phone against getting damaged by water-
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If your mobile has become wet with water, if your phone falls in the water, then first of all the phone should be transitioned. If you are doing not do that, then thanks to moisture. The circuits within the phone’s chip can get interconnected. this will damage your phone. Also, there could be sparking on the phone. In such a situation, immediately remove the accessories installed within the phone. Read Also: Online fraud money recovery immediately

3 Steps to Follow:

3 Steps to follow if your phone falls in the water
3 Steps to follow if your phone falls in the water

Step 1: Remove the battery immediately if the phone falls into the water

if your phone falls in the water, If water has gone inside the phone, remove the battery of the phone immediately. After removing the battery, a little sticker is affixed under the battery within the handset, which is white in most phones. if your phone falls in the water, then it changes to pink or red colour or if there’s some moisture inside the phone then the colour of this sticker changes. However, most smartphones now accompany an inbuilt battery. In this case, it’s impossible to get rid of the battery. Keep such phone transitioned and check out to dry it. Read Also: Whatsapp offline chat trick

Step 2: Don’t charge a wet phone

3 Steps to follow if your phone falls in the water
3 Steps to follow if your phone falls in the water

If the phone has become wet or has moisture. Then it shouldn’t be charged, as there’s an opportunity for electrical shock. Firstly let the phone dry completely. But often people use a hairdryer to dry the phone. thanks to this, rather than drying the water within the chip of the phone, it is often damaged. Use sunlight (not direct sunlight) or fan air to dry the phone. thanks to this, the chip on the motherboard of the phone doesn’t get moisture. Read Also: Make your digital invitation card

Step 3: Remove the moisture of the phone like this

Often, when the phone is kept within the air or sunlight, the water of the phone dries up, but the moisture remains. during this case, take a water-absorbent cloth from any hardware or chemist. Keep the phone wrapped in it. It should be kept for a minimum of two days. Read Also: Who viewed WhatsApp profile check by what’s a tracker app

If you are doing not want to shop for water-absorbent cloth from the market, then it should be kept within the rice bag available reception. The phone should be far away from the duvet and kept overnight during a bag of uncooked rice. Rice will consume the moisture from your mobile.

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