Bullet Train To Moon! Check out the video

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Japan to operate a bullet train to Moon. Its starting from Moon up to Mars! What will the train journey be like? Check out the video

Bullet Train To Moon: Japanese researchers from Kyoto University and Kajima Construction are working on the idea of bullet trains. To develop this concept the project, they are working with regard to a transport system called “Hexagon Space Track System”.

Special items

  • Researchers from Kyoto University and Kajima Construction met to discuss the project
  • Moreover, The plan is to build the illusion of a space-based environment
  • As well as The work is underway on the system dubbed “Hexagon Space-Train System.”

Bullet Train To Moon

Hexagon Space Track System

Japan provided their first bullet train entire world. Scientists from Japan are developing the idea of operating bullet trains on the Moon and possibly on Mars. Moreover, Scientists from Japan’s Kyoto University and Kajima Construction plan to develop artificial space habitats on the Moon as well as Mars. It means that it is possibility for people to reside in a specific zone. Scientists are currently working on the concept of a bullet train to moon travel. In this regard, work is being conducted for a transport system called “Hexagon Space Track System” Or Bullet Train To Moon! 

As per reports, the space organizations from diverse countries are working on their missions to Mars. NASA, the US NASA space agency NASA is also examining the possibilities of life on Mars with its spacecraft. However, researchers from Japan are taking a step forward. According to the plan that a miniature capsule with an area of 15 meters will link the Earth as well as the Moon. Then the launch, a capsule with 30 meters in radius is planned to connect both the Moon to the Moon and Mars.

Bullet Train To Moon: This isn’t an attempt to prepare for the next couple of years. The project will take a considerable amount of time. Researchers have indicated that this project will be completed by 2050.

Video Of Bullet Train To Moon!

In a recent press conference, Yosuke Yamashiki, director of Kyoto University’s SIC Human Spaceology Center, declared that there isn’t similar plan in the space plans of other nations. Moreover, The plan we have developed ensures that in the future times, humans will have the ability to explore space. As well as Takuya Ono an experienced scientist at Kajima Construction, who is involved in the project, stated that we’re committed to finishing this project. It is extremely useful to humanity in the near future.

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Interplanetary ‘Space Express’!

Bullet Train To Moon: The atmosphere on Mars is not suitable to be used for human living It is also the plan to construct an environment made of glass on Mars as part of the program. Moreover, It is a type of protection, and residents will experience the same kind of atmosphere as Earth. People who wish to escape out of the shack will need to wear an outer space suit. Scientists believe that before the end of the century, humans will begin exploring space, including the Moon or Mars.

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