ChatGPT is an innovative AI chatbot that will help you find mistakes in your code and tell you a story

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OpenAI the AI technology research and development firm has unveiled ChatGPT which is a chatbot built on the company’s latest GPT-3.5 natural technology for language generation. The company offers a test demonstration of ChatGPT. OpenAI was the first to introduce DALL-E which is an AI Image Generator that is based the Google’s Imagen.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed a lot in the years. One of the areas that has grown in importance is the generative AI which makes use of data you input, like text or images to produce more information.

What exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by ChatGPT. It is an AI chatbot that communicates in a manner that mimics conversation and allows you to send inquiries and requests exactly the way you would do to a family member or a coworker.

It was designed to keep track of the questions you’ve asked in the past. Moreover, It can adjust itself if you point out an error. As well as It is also trained to reject unwanted requests from users.

To get a better understanding of the process by which ChatGPT is working, let’s examine some of the intriguing questions ChatGPT users are asking.

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Debugging the code

A huge benefit for programmers, ChatGPT can be used to debug a code easily and the AI is not just able to fix the error, but it can also inform the user what made a mistake and what can be fixed.

A crossover of some of our most loved Rom coms

A Twitter user came up with an intriguing scenario for ChatGPT and asked ChatGPT to create dialogues for a romcom with Andy Samberg, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt LeBlanc, Melissa Fumero, Cobie Smulders and Jennifer Anniston.

The chatbot made three scenarios for the group. They were discussing their relationships, having an initial date, and having an evening with their girlfriends. Although the chatbot can’t substitute for writers but it was able make decent scenes very quickly.

You can hire the AI to complete your assignments for you

Another fascinating use of the AI is to help you finish your assignments. The user sent the chatbot two queries ChatGPT to ask it to describe an ordinary expression, and write a 4-paragraph essay about “effects of the westward expansion on Civil War”.

In both instances the chatbot produced excellent results.

What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT be utilized?

After the tests have been completed, OpenAI can extend ChatGPT’s base technology to companies who depend on chatbots. In particular, chatbots is able to be used for support for customers (Airtel, Paytm, Swiggy and many others) and personal assistants (to aid users in tasks like making appointments, scheduling reminders and other routine tasks) as well as students (to assist them in solving difficult questions using simple language).

In our testing during our test, we conducted a test and asked Google for their opinion and ChatGPT whether India is likely to become the world’s largest economy in the coming years. Google’s answer was based on the latest news articles you can find on the internet. ChatGPT On contrary, provided an answer that was more general to some, which they may like however, it isn’t backed by data (for the moment).).

Can ChatGPT be a replacement for Google?

The most straightforward answer is that no, because Google is a search engine , and ChatGPT is chatbot. But the fundamental purpose of both platforms is the same: provide users with solutions to various questions.

ChatGPT is an automated chatbot which utilizes natural processing of language to mimic interactions with people. Google is, on the contrary one hand is designed to search for details online.

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What are the drawbacks of ChatGPT?

OpenAI declares that ChatGPT can occasionally produce incorrect information . The knowledge it provides is limited to global events prior to 2021. It could “occasionally generate dangerous instructions or content that is biased.”

There are numerous posts on Twitter that praise its capabilities. In addition, many have noticed its shortcomings. For instance when we asked us country-specific concerns, it was unable to respond.

We asked if iPad Pro 2022 has Airtel 5G connectivity, and ChatGPT’s answer reads “I cannot access the internet, and thus cannot provide any information regarding whether iPad Pro 2020 supports Airtel eSIM or not. My training data is only valid to 2021. So even when I can browse the internet, I might not have the latest information regarding this subject.”


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