Prophet row: Tension at Delhi Jama Masjid

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Tension at Delhi Jama Masjid

Prophet row: Tension at Delhi Jama Masjid

Tensions are high at the Jama Masjid in Delhi. A huge demonstration was held today at the Jama Masjid in Delhi demanding the arrest of Nupur Sharma, a BJP spokesperson who was recently suspended for making controversial remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. Some of the youths who came out before the Friday prayers were over expressed concern. They held placards and chanted slogans against Nupur Sharma. Police observed the situation and deployed large forces to prevent any untoward incidents. However, the Jama Masjid Shahi Imam clarified that the mosque authorities did not call for protests. Protesters said they did not know who they were. He made it clear that he would not support the protesters. It is learned that the Delhi Police has registered a case against Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal in the wake of the controversial remarks. But the two have not been arrested so far.

The minorities were in large numbers outside the Jama Masjid here and raised slogans in support of suspending Bharatiya Janata Party leaders over their recent controversial remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

The crowd who gathered at the top of the stairs just outside of the Jama Masjid, here, holding placards in protest against the ex- BJP representatives Nupur Sharma as well as Naveen Jindal.

The protest began shortly following the Friday prayers. The protesters demanded immediate detention of officials who were suspended. BJP leaders.

Important to note here that an FIR also filed against Nupur Sharma as well as a number of others over their alleged racist remarks during a discussion on a news channel.

“We have filed the FIR against the people who were propagating hateful messages as well as inciting different groups and creating conditions that can be detrimental to the preservation of peace and tranquility in the public.

“One instance has been registered against Nupur Sharma, while another has been filed against multiple social media companies in light of the investigation. Notifications will be sent out to the intermediaries for social media for more details.,” Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa had said on Thursday.

Protests in Uttar Pradesh

In the early hours of the day thousands of protesters also took to the streets with shops were shut down within the Uttar Pradesh city of Saharanpur.

Within Lucknow, Kanpur and Firozabad The police have stepped up security to stop the spread of protests. In the last weekend, Kanpur had seen clashes that resulted in at least 40 people injured.

Demonstration in West Bengal

Locals held a protest this Thursday morning in Howrah against comments made by Sharma. Some protesters also shouted slogans in support of Nupur should receive the most severe punishment.

Howrah City Police DCP South Pratiksha attempted to stop the protests , but his efforts were not successful. The traffic was disrupted within Howrah city.

This follows West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Thursday, slammed on Sharma in addition to Jindal.

“I condemn the recent heinous and atrocious hate speech remarks by a few disastrous BJP leaders, resulting in not only spread of violence, but also division of the fabric of the country, leading to disturbance of peace and amity,” she tweeted.

Prophet row: Tensions in Jammu, Kashmir

Tensions grew throughout areas like the Doda and Kishtwar regions in the Jammu region, prompting authorities enforce a curfew in the area. portions of Kashmir have been shut down due to the controversial comments made from Sharma Jindal and Sharma. Jindal.

Internet services were cut off throughout two towns in the region of Bhaderwah as well as Kishtwar towns in order to prevent any harm. The mobile Internet service was cut off in a few areas of Kashmir the officials said.

The tensions were reported to have risen throughout the Bhaderwah region on Thursday night following alleged provocative speeches in protest against derogatory comments about the prophet Mohammad by the now-detained Sharma.

The case is was filed

The Delhi Police has registered an FIR against 31 persons which includes AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi as well as the controversial religious leader Yati Narsinghanand. The police also brought a separate suit against the former BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma, who was accused of inciting hatred and harming the religious sentiments of.

Two FIRs were filed on Wednesday, following an analysis of social media the police had stated.

A former Delhi BJP Media unit director Naveen Kumar Jindal, who was ejected from the party due to his allegations of a remark made against Prophet Mohammad along with journalist Saba Naqvi are also identified in the FIR.

The stance of the government

India has reiterated on Thursday that the controversial comments made about Prophet Mohammad are not in line with the opinions of the government and said that steps have already been taken by our concerned sections against the people who made the comments.

Minister of external affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi during the media at a briefing on Thursday, stated: “We have made it pretty clear that the tweets and comments do not reflect views of the government. This has been conveyed to our interlocutors as also the fact that action has been taken by concerned quarters against those who made the comments and tweets.”

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