What is Plasma Therapy: A Possible Treatment for Coronavirus?

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Plasma Therapy

When the approved vaccine arrives, it may take another year …Plasma therapy will be a handy weapon
The vaccine is being developed by a total of more than 150 teams under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Of these, 6 vaccines are still available.



Is in the pre-clinical stage and 8 vaccines have been approved for trial in humans. In addition to scientists, pharmacists, health-care workers, more than 300 volunteers have shown willingness to experiment with the vaccine. Yet Delhi is still far away. No vaccine can be approved overnight. Never before have we so eagerly awaited a vaccine.
So let’s find out what and how many types of vaccines there are. The vaccine must also go through several stages before it can be made available to the public ….

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Plasma Therapy and vaccine


One of them has been vaccinated against Covid-12 and the other against meningitis. Both will be closely monitored for 2 hours and then a similar double-blind study will be done on the remaining hundreds of volunteers. The 500 volunteers are between 18 and 5 years old. In all of this, only double-blind theory will apply. Two groups of volunteers are divided into double-blind. One group should be given Covid-12 vaccine and the other group should be given another vaccine. Oxford University has chosen the meningitis vaccine as the second vaccine. No one participating in the double-blind experiment will know which vaccine they have been given. In such a vaccination experiment, one group is not given a placebo at all. When one group is experimented with, another group is given another proven vaccine to benefit them.

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China has also recently begun clinical trials of its third vaccine. Researchers from the Chinese military, the China National Pharmaceutical Group and the Wuhan Institute of Virology have launched clinical trials on their own. Six people have been given the dose of the vaccine in a first phase trial in China.
In India too, six companies are in the race to develop vaccines. Companies like Zydus Cadila, Serum Institute, Biological E, Bharat Biotech, Indian Immunologicals and Mynovax have gone to great lengths to develop the vaccine.

Future Availability

Corona’s numbers are steadily rising around the world, prompting not only research organizations, but also governments, the World Health Organization, and the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the regulatory body, to help speed up development. It usually takes an average of ten years for an approved disease vaccine to be available in the market, but in today’s world, the goal is to find a vaccine that can control the corona. However, the executive director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Ryan Mike says you can hurry no matter what, but the chances of the approved vaccine reaching people a year ago are slim.

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     • Why the vaccine?

Why does it take so long to make a vaccine? Explaining this, Kokilabahen Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital’s Head of Infectious Diseases Dr. Tanu Singhal says, ‘Normally, the protocol for making every vaccine is very similar. However, depending on the disease you are working on, the symptoms of the disease and the extent of its spread, the process can be speeded up. Although you can speed up the laboratory stages of the vaccine, the human trial phase will require a few days of observation. There can be no hurry. In the first phase you have to understand the genetic makeup of any virus, bacteria or any germ.

Animals are exposed to the pathogens and their effects are observed after vaccinating them.  After going through this phase, the first phase of clinical human study begins. It is first tested on a very small group. This is followed by a trial of the people in the worst affected area. For example, if there is a malaria vaccine, it will be the first of its kind in Africa.

Different types

Probably everyone now knows what a vaccine is and how it works. A vaccine is a chemical that helps the body develop immunity to fight any disease. Viruses or bacteria that somehow live, die, die, or have certain parts are introduced into the body. The virus is so weak that the body automatically builds up antibodies to fight it. If we understand with a little example, the army we have deployed on the border is ready to fight against any enemy, but every new enemy is attacking with a new strategy.

Active Vaccine

There are many types of vaccines. Explaining in detail, Tanu Singhal says, ‘There are mainly two types of vaccination. Active and passive. Active immunization also depends on what kind of disease you want to protect against. Some vaccines also contain the entire virus, while others have only part of it and an outer wall. Some have kill by the virus while some have the live virus. Understandably, oral polio is a live vaccine, while injectable polio contains a killed virus. Some children cannot give oral polio if their immunity is too weak.

Passive Vaccine

Passive vaccination, on the other hand, is a system that instantly affects the patient. As a result, antibodies must be multiplied by the weakened immune system against the virus. A rabies vaccine given when a dog has been bitten, or a vaccine for tetanus or hepatitis B, is also passive.

Efforts are underway to find an active vaccine for Covid-12. However, what to do until it succeeds? Researchers are currently trying to pass a vaccine to highly critical cases of covid. This passive vaccination is plasma therapy. Hematologist of Wadia Hospital and Head of Immunology Department Dr. Mukesh Desai says, “Until the corona vaccine arrives, another person’s body may be able to remove the antibodies produced by fighting against the corona and give them directly to the patient.” It usually takes about eight to ten years to find a vaccine on someone, but now that the disease has taken the form of an epidemic, there is no waiting. ‘

 Why is it special?

Vaccination is a very common program to build immunity to any disease, but explaining why the corona vaccine is different. The bacterium that causes TB, the virus that causes polio, has been in contact with the human body for years, and about 5 percent of people have a natural immunity to it. Only a small percentage of people fall victim to the disease due to lack of body immunity. Meaning that the human body had the natural power to fight against the organism. The fear for Corona right now seems to be that this is a brand new organism.

Not only that, it spreads very quickly from human to human contagion. Being a new organism, no human on earth has ever been expose to it before. Now when you are expose to germs for the first time. Not everyone’s body is ready to fight them. Those whose immunity is still good today are getting rid of the virus by getting normal treatment. Those with weakened immune systems are at risk. Second, so far the disease has not been so flat. TB does not affect everyone who comes in contact with it. Yes, smallpox was such a dynamic virus and its epidemics caused a great deal of upheaval.Corona is currently undergoing a human-to-human transmission. While the activity of the virus is yet to be decode, There is a challenge in developing a vaccine to combat it.

500 volunteers are ready to infect to find the vaccine

There is a group of scientists and researchers called the ODI Sooner Group. The group has launch a search for volunteers who are willing to be expose to the corona infection as part of a vaccine search experiment. Surprisingly, in just a few days of such an announcement, more than 200 volunteers from 52 countries have agreed to join the fight against the Corona. Of course, no such experiment is yet to take place in the near future. This group is not affiliate with any company.

Just yesterday, the Health Department of the Government of India gave the green signal to all states to work on plasma therapy. However, some states had already started preliminary preparations. The only option left is a plasma transplant as a passive vaccine until the vaccine is develope. Explaining what this therapy is, Dr. Mukesh Desai says, ‘Plasma is a component of blood. It contains a special type of protein. That contains a variety of antibodies. That can protect the body from millions of problems. The antibodies of the patients who have now come out of the corona safe are a ray of hope for other patients. Patients in critical condition can be transplante by removing this plasma from their body. Of course, there are a number of factors to consider.


Hospitals are ready for plasma transplant therapy. Many hospitals have started creating a registry of recovered patients. Hospitals appealing to them to become plasma donors. Such people are persuad to become plasma donors. Only when they are discharge after receiving two negative reports. Naturally, the current frenzy is such that people are ready to help others. So that they do not spend it on others. Yet many people have many questions about plasma donation. They feel that if they give themselves antibodies somewhere, they will be missing. Not so though. Antobodies can automatically multiply when needed after introduced into body. Explaining that plasma donors do not have any problem, Dr. Mukesh Desai says, ‘There are two ways to take plasma.

One is to donate blood as you donate whole blood. Doctors then separate the three components from the blood: red blood cells, platelets and plasma. However the donor cannot donate again three months before donating blood. A plasma apheresis machine is use to remove only plasma from the donor’s body. Once the donor’s blood enters the machine. It is immediately separates the plasma from it. And sends the remaining red blood cells back to the patient’s body. Now that corona patients have recovered from a new disease. It is imperative that they get their red blood cells back. They play a very important role in the work of carrying oxygen. Also, if you donate only plasma, you can donate again every five to six days. ‘

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