DiskDigger App : Best Photo Recovery App

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Recover and undelete your deleted or lost photos using DiskDigger app, Best Photo Recovery App!

About Best Photo Recovery App: DiskDigger App

DiskDigger can erase and retrieve deleted images, photos, and videos stored on your memory card or an external memory card. If you accidentally erased an image, or changed the format of your memory card, DiskDigger’s data recovery capabilities will locate your lost photos as well as videos, and help you retrieve them.

DiskDigger App: Best Photo Recovery App

It is possible to upload the deleted data directly onto Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them by email. The app can also allow you to save your files in a separate local folder on your device.

Please note that DiskDigger app, Best Photo Recovery App requires “Access all files” permission on your device to be capable of searching all locations on your device for deleted and recoverable images. If you’re asked to enable this permission, make sure you allow it to be enabled so that DiskDigger app, Best Photo Recovery App is able to search your device the most efficiently. Read Also: Recover deleted photos videos with only one click

Features Of DiskDigger App

  • If the device isn’t properly rooted and the app is not rooted, it will conduct the “limited” scan for your deleted photos , by scanning your thumbnails and cache.
  • If your device is root this app will search the memory of your device to find any remnants of images or videos!
  • When the scan has been completed then tap”Clean up” to “Clean up” button to erase all items you no longer require (currently it’s an experiment only available within the Basic Scan).

Common Features

  • Works in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Both 64-bit and 32-bit version of Windows are supported.
  • Also, it is compatible with Linux.
  • View recoverable files in either a list or thumbnail previews.
  • Thumbnails show previews of images, album art made from WMA and MP3 files, album art from WMA files, as well as icons created from executable files!
  • When you select a file that is recoverable, it opens the user a complete view of the document (insofar it is possible). In the case of image files it will display the image (with zoom and pan). For documents it will display an only text version of the file. For some audio files it will permit you to play the audio back.
  • Views of JPG or TIFF files will display EXIF details (camera model the date, camera model as well as sensor settings and more. ).
  • The previews for MP3 file display ID3 information (artist album, artist genre, artist, etc. ).
  • Previews of ZIP files will display the names of the files included within the archive. Read Also: Dumpster App | Best Recovery App For Deleted Photos

DiskDigger App Advanced Features

  • Able to scan images from virtual disks:
    • E01 as well as EWF documents (Expert Witness Format)
    • VMDK files (VMware disk image)
    • VHD files (Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk)
    • VDI files (VirtualBox disk image)
    • Image files from Direct binary disks (acquired by using the dd and similar programs)
  • In the event of digging further, possibility to start scanning from a certain location in the disk.
  • While previewing files the software can show all the 4K bytes the file in the Hex dump.

For complete instructions, please see http://diskdigger.org/android

If you’re looking to retrieve other types of files, besides videos and photos, you can look into DiskDigger App Pro!

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Are you able to utilize DiskDigger app?

Ans. DiskDigger app is safe to use, just like many other recovery applications. It does not ask for any personal details from the user to ensure security.

Can DiskDigger app recover deleted photos?

Recover deleted photos that were accidentally deleted

DiskDigger app is an application to retrieve photos from your Android phone that you believed were gone. If you accidentally erased photos, or lost them while uninstalling an application it is possible to retrieve these photos and save them in your device’s memory.

How do I recover deleted DiskDigger files?

If you find your desired files save on the list, select them, and then select “Recover selected files” or click the “Recover selected files” button. DiskDigger app will allow you to select the folder where the recovered files can be placed. When you are done, if your files are saved and the recovery has been completed, then the process is completed and you can quit DiskDigger app.

Is DiskDigger app free?

The version that is free of DiskDigger can retrieve photos and videos but not videos (recovering videos requires that your device be root).

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