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Lio app for all your information. The app can be customized to store everything in excel format on mobile devices.

Lio app is a completely free electronic register and mobile excel tool for small companies that allows them to control the details of their Udhaar Register, register book Khata Register and attendance register, GST register and more. Keep track of all your personal and business information in Lio. It’s free secure, safe and secure. It is like an excel sheet for all types of businesses used as a notebook/register/record book to create expenses spreadsheet, customer excel, attendance excel, todo list or daily activities.. The Lio application can be used as a register-to-do, debit register book and credit register book, as well as other. Although it is used primarily by companies to manage customer books, order book spreadsheet for payments, inventory excel, income registers and expense register book. Lio app is also utilized by people to keep track of their personal actions.

How can I utilize the Lio App?

  1. Download the application via the Play Store – Free Download!
  2. Log in and create an account Login with ease!
  3. Get easy-to-use templates that you can use
  4. Select the use case you want to use and choose your category. For example, a Profit & loss general ledger or party ledger or a personal ledger
  5. Begin recording
  6. Share via WhatsApp

What is the reason to download the Lio app?

  • 100% Free Register/Notebooks/Alternative to Microsoft Office Excel- No monthly or one-time fees
  • No typing is required. Voice input is the best way to enter data
  • No Limit on RegistersYou can create as many registers or notebooks as you require and fill them with as much data as you like, just as you would do in Google Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Simple User Interface that is intuitive that allows for simple navigation
  • Expertise in Excel not needed
  • 100% secure, safe and reliable. All information is accessible only by you, and securely saved in the cloud
  • Make the switch to digital, replacing your pen, paper and calculator by double-entry accounting via the phone
  • Easy share on WhatsApp- Share your tally ledger/spreadsheet/Microsoft/excel file/excel sheet on WhatsApp directly from the Lio app
  • Support via phone and Whatsapp is Available
  • Simple creation of automated Whatsapp messages and sharing them with customers
  • Simple attachment of images to the document for easier use, which leaves there is no room for error or the fear of losing documents
  • Keep track of your industry by designing Dashboards
  • Join multiple files in order to avoid data repetition and save time.
  • Data recovery made easy using a an automated system for data recovery which allows you to work with the application without worry
  • Stay in touch with customers and make use of Lio as a Mobile CRM.
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STD 3 Excel Parinam Patrak CLICK HERE
STD 4 Excel Parinam Patrak CLICK HERE
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Lio App Main Features

Utilize Lio app as CRM Bookkeeping, RecordBook Register book, stock management, Sales Notes, Task Management Leads management, business automation

1. Accounting for business expenses, income including GST, budgeting profits and losses, loans Udhar bahi Khata, udhar bahi Khata accounting

2. Maintain the customer’s records including work register, employee/salary records and attendance records, as well as order book, stock and other data by using templates that are custom-designed for you

3. With a daily spending register it is possible to plan your finances more effectively than storing your records in xlsx or sheets that are xl.

4. With an attendance template you can keep track of each of the students or students.

5. The template for to-do lists allows you to record your daily chores that you do, whether personal or professional using the application.

Lio app could also be employed as a CRM tool or Google Sheet or Excel using a smartphone.

who do you think Lio for?

Lio app is an ideal application for recording data who wish to keep track of their sales, keep an account of customers and learn about their preferences as well as the amount of time they spend shopping. We have 100+ templates for every type of business

  • Shop owners
  • Taxi & Transport
  • Household
  • Construction
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Farming
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hotel Restaurant
  • Sales & Business
  • Property Broker
  • Small-Sized Companies
  • Travel and many other.

Download now and begin creating spreadsheets using your smartphone and build your business workflow.

Lio app ki help se ab data ko secure rkheN apne mobail meN / aap apne hisaab se Templates bhii chun skte hai / aaj hii Lio app download kre aur Mobile pr Excel chalaaye |

In case you’ve got any concerns regarding Lio app we can be reached via WhatsApp on +91-9619601744

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Lio App Excel Notebook Register
Lio App Excel Notebook Register


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