Password must be strong to protect and secure acount

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How to make strong password to protect and secure acount.

If you want to protect and secure your acount from hackers you shound make strong password. Everyone may have heard of password security at some point. Ex.- use a strong password, don’t use the same password on different sites, etc. Many of us still don’t follow that advice because it sounds too complicated, or it seems. That we do not have time. We use the same password on different sites. We use passwords that are easy for others to guess – and just hope for the best to protect and secure your acount.

Protect and secure your acount

But passwords are just as important as the ones we use to verify our identities – such as driver’s licenses, social security cards and passports – and just as important to keep them safe. We have outlined  some key tips to make your password protection easier and understand why it’s important to protect and secure your acount.

Focus on the length of the password.

The best passwords are at least 12 – 15 characters long, and can include letters, numbers, and symbols – which sounds a lot. You can also type the sentence of your choice to protect and secure your acount. But if it has a symbol mix like this then your password will be strong like (? /! $ $ ^ & ()) . When you create a password don’t keep anyone’s name, date of birth, place like that.

Use different passwords for accounts with sensitive or personally identifiable information.

The importance of this tip cannot be overemphasized. If you use the same password in these accounts, once it is cracked, all your accounts become vulnerable. Just as you use different keys to secure different locations. Use different passwords to protect and secure your important accounts.

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Password managers remember your passwords securely so you don’t have to!

Most of us avoid using different passwords for different accounts to protect and secure them. Because it’s so hard to remember them all, and we know it’s not safe to write them down. Fortunately, password managers – a facility that stores and protects passwords like banks store and secure money – can help! This feature can also create passwords that are incredibly difficult to crack. All your passwords are keep inside an encrypted table. Which can only be opened with a master password. It should be the longest and most unique and you have created and should not be stored by the password manager. If you’re considering this option, here are two important things to look for:

Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

This is a very good option. But it means that instead of entering a password to log in to your account. You will have to enter another piece of information as well. Even if someone gets your password, they will not be able to open your account without you.

Don’t give your password to anyone –

Especially in new relationships – we want to share everything with our spouse, and they want to share everything with us. But just as you wouldn’t give them your identity documents to keep them around your wallet. It’s important to keep your passwords private, and respect the privacy of each other.

Do not let browsers remember your passwords.

While in many browsers this feature makes it very easy to access your accounts. It makes it easy for anyone using the same computer or device to access those accounts without knowing your password.

Be strategic with your secret questions and answers. Those secret questions are not really secret. Someone who knows you will be able to guess whether you went to high school or your favourite color. There is no rule that you need to be honest when answering those secret questuions to prtotect and secure your acount. So create things that you will remember but no one else will guess to protect and secure your acount.

Change your password (only when you need it).

If you think someone knows your password. Replacing it with a device. That isn’t monitored can prevent them from gaining more access to your account. But if your account has not been compromised and you have created a strong one.

Protect and secure your acount

Then using the guidelines above. It is not necessary to change it frequently.

 Remember to log off.

Whenever you go to a cybercafe to fill out a form or any other excuse. You should need to log off to protect and secure your acount. Whenever you open your account in someone else’s phone or computer.

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