12 Best Whatsapp Stickers Apps For Android

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12 Best Whatsapp Stickers Apps

Hey guys, welcome into your favorite website irisdigitals.  If you want to stay updated with latest English, Hindi News today. People sometimes can run out of words in a conversation, thanks to the developer team that has created and launched sticker apps for WhatsApp to cover that part and keep the conversation going. Here below are Best 12 apps for WhatsApp stickers apps for iPhone and android that can save your conversation.

New 2021 Emoji Stickers is a free Stickers & Emojis Stickers, share stickers, WAStickersApps Pack can makes chatting much more fun, unique and awesome, trendy must ! Enjoy Adding stickers Chatting App, (Add Stickers)  Pack right now ! Read Also : Zedge App : Best Wallpapers & Ringtones

It offers the users options to send and receive messages in the form of texts, audio, video, GIFs, photos. However, the biggest format that separates WhatsApp from any other messaging application is the use of stickers para or emoticons.

Emoticons and stickers are icons or signs that represent emotions and feeling that the person is going through at a particular period of time. But the stickers are not limited to emotions only. They can represent an event, trends, or other things that people can relate to and save time while chatting. Read Also : Mv status maker : Best status maker app

Whatsapp stickers apps you can use on various messengers

New updates coming up every day from the world’s best artists.

With more than 250,000+ stickers you can find anything you want.
Have a look at this week’s best stickers:

Gujarati whatsapp sticker
Gujarati whatsapp sticker

Gujarati Whatsapp Sticker App

sticker maker for whatsapp
sticker maker for whatsapp



– Fur the cat
– Muuky Stickers
– Cup duck’s daily life
– Hi bread
– Steamed Bun
– How to react to nonstop talker
– Max the Alien
– Real flowers for love

With our new features you can find stickers that match your taste very easily:

– Daily sticker curation
– Personal sticker feed ‘For You’ is coming soon!
– Follow great artists and inspire
– Comment your ideas to stickers

The whole new experience on finding and using sticker is at your hand.

Ads may be seen during or before some sticker downloads.
You can choose to pay to get a sticker and also tribute your artists. Read Also :  StoryLab: Insta story & Status Art maker

Pricing and Terms :

Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your Google Play account when you confirm the paid sticker purchase. You may manage your sticker payment history in ‘My Page > Settings’.

Download now and get access to all these features.
New stickers, new characters are coming every day.
Join our new sticker platform. A new community for sticker lovers and sticker artists.
Stipop will be updating Stipop App every week to make it better for you. Read Also : Signal App : Best alternative  of whatsapp

Download our newest New 2021 Emoji Stickers for Chatting Apps(Add Stickers) Stickers, and share lot of fun stickers with your friend by the newest version of Chatting Apps(Add Stickers)(Stickers)! We have great and cute stickers packed in Stickers, you can easily have them by installing New 2021 Emoji Stickers for Chatting Apps(Add Stickers) Stickers! You will love this Stickers, which they can bring so much fun to you while chatting with your friends. The newest New 2021 Emoji Stickers for Chatting Apps(Add Stickers) Stickers are compatible with the latest version of Stickers(WASticker). Download New 2021 Emoji Stickers for Chatting Apps(Add Stickers) Stickers. It’s the easiest way to get tons of fun! Read Also : 500 Film Collection in one PDF

5000+ stickers & emojis & emoticons & gifs
Free to use and get more fun stickers & cool emoji & emoticons & gifs on Message, SMS, Text Now, Email , Note, etc with New 2021 Emoji Stickers.
Easy to send fun emojis & stickers & gifs messages with various funny emoji & text emoticons with New 2021 Emoji Stickers. Read Also : Recover your deleted Image and Videos

How to Use Whatsapp stickers apps

1. Download and install New 2021 Emoji Stickers right now !
2. Click the button  ‘Add to Chatting Apps(Add Stickers)’ to apply New 2019 Emoji Stickers !
3. Click the button ‘ INSTALL ’ to install Emoji keyboard – Stickers on Google play to GET 5000+ Stickers & Emojis & GIFs. Read Also : How to use new feature in whatsapp

ALL IN PACK! 5000+ Stickers, GIFs & Emojis,150+ languages FOR Stickers
Find and send the latest popular stickers/Clipart and Emojis,GIFson any social apps
5000+ emojis and emoticons, trending GIFs , stickers and colorful themes
With more than 150+ languages, New 2021 Emoji Stickers will be there for you no matter who you need to chat ! Read Also : Tiktok alternative short video app

New 2021 Emoji Stickers supports 150+ languages

The new 2021 Emoji Stickers – Stickers, Cute Emoticons has 150+ Emoji keyboard layouts and dictionary packs including: QWERTY Emoji Keyboard, AZERTY Emoji Keyboard, English(US)(UK) Emoji Keyboard, Portuguese(Brazil)(Portugal) Emoji Keyboard, Spanish Emoji Keyboard, Germany Emoji Keyboard, Ukrainian Emoji Keyboard, Thailand Emoji Keyboard, Turkish Emoji Keyboard, etc.

New 2021 Emoji Stickers also support Bashkir Language Layout. Read Also : Government is giving laptops to students for free know the truth of this viral message


  • New 2021 Emoji Stickers will never collect your personal info or photos you set as wallpapers. We only use the words type by you to make the predictions more accurate.
  • We are constantly working hard on making the New 2021 Emoji Stickers app better and more useful for your chatting needs.Please Enjoy Adding the New 2021 Emoji Stickers right now ! Read also: Train your Brain Game: Improve your cognitive knowledge

Sticker Maker & Video Status for Whatsapp stickers apps

Discover millions of funny WhatsApp stickers and create your own stickers.
– Explore millions of funny stickers and use them in your chats and status
– Create stickers from your photos with new Auto Cut technology
– Easily export your stickers to WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)
– Share your sticker packs with friends through custom links.  Read also: First Aid App for student and children

Here’s how to create sticker pack for 12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

1. Name your sticker pack.
2. Select photos and cut out stickers from your photos
3. Add captions to give your stickers more character.
4. Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to friends. Read also: Create your online shop: digital Showroom App

Sticker maker

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

As the first sticker maker for WhatsApp, we have a sticker maker from Viko & Co. that you can download from Google Play. This app is compatible with all your devices, where you can create your sticker pack with 30 entries consisting of your photos or cut-outs. You can easily create WhatsApp stickers in sticker maker for your family, friends, or close ones in just four steps. All you have to do is select your pack’s name, add stickers, cut them with your finger, publish the pack, and start enjoying how it works! Read also: 3D Camera App: Best 3D effect photo

Make sure you use the updated version of WhatsApp to use the services of the sticker maker.

Download Sticker Maker app


Sticker Studio

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps


Sticker Studio is our next WhatsApp sticker maker from PlayStudio Apps that allows one to create personal WhatsApp and Gboard stickers at ease by facilitating customized cut-outs that you can share easily with all. Apart from sticker creation, it offers in-app purchases as well. To date, Sticker Studio has got more than 10M installs for its outstanding feature-set. Read also: New Friend Discovery App: Gaga application

  • Craft unlimited sticker packs for both Gboard and WhatsApp.
  • Access to the camera in capturing shots or upload from the library directly.
  • Create stickers with simple finger cut-outs and fixed shape selection.
  • Scale stickers correcttly, add drawings and text to the stickers.
  • Add stickers to Gboard and WhatsApp that you can use everywhere.

Download Sticker Studio App


Sticker maker by Stickify

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

Stickify developed a WhatsApp sticker maker to design unique stickers for free with the aid of the sticker studio owned by the application. The toolbox allows one to create customized WhatsApp stickers by erasing image background with freehand crop & background eraser tool, add text, custom fonts & colors, and add fun decorations like hats and spectacles. Install the app today and start creating love &dialogue stickers, birthday & anniversary stickers, and share it with your friend’s group. Read Also : Government warns dont click this link on whatsapp sms by mistake

  • Create uncountable sticker packs with a maximum of 30 entries in a single pack.
  • Comes up with easy-to-use sticker editing and photo editor ability.
  • Make your group and conversion a fun-filled one with an in-built sticker meme generator.
  • Supports every feeling, event, and language, including Brazilian, Portuguese, Hindi, and Malayalam.
  • Facilitates in-app product purchases.

Download Sticker Maker App


12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

Want one of the best sticker maker app that can do a two-in-one task of creating WhatsApp status video? Sticker.ly from Snow. Inc. is all you need now. With compatibility to all the devices and 50M installs, Sticker.ly is the No.1 WhatsApp sticker community that allows you to make love stickers, memes, texts, comics still a lot more. It provides access to 500, 000 sticker packs and thousands of videos status, TV shows & funny memes, Typo, and Emoji. Read Also : Government is giving laptops to students for free know the truth of this viral message

  • Explore a diverse world of funny stickers with sticker.ly.
  • With in-built new auto cut technology, create your sticker for WhatsApp.
  • Export your sticker pack to WhatsApp at ease.
  • Through custom links, share your sticker packs with your friends.
  • All-in-one sticker maker app that aids in easy customization, improved performance.

Download Sticker.ly App


Sticker Maker!

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

While all the above sticker maker for Whatsapp go well for Android, here is Sicker Maker! that is compatible with your iPhone or iPad. It is a combo pack of the meme, emoji, and funny stickers developed by Marcos Roy with which you can discover fantastic WhatsApp stickers and share them with chats and status. Sticker Maker! has gathered many followers for its special functions like export & share stickers to friends, instant custom links, and crop technology. Read Also: Akshay kumar brought FauG after- pubg was banned in india

  • Sticker Maker comes up with 20,000 sticker packs suitable for social media app too.
  • You can craft funny memes, graphics, animations, quotes, and lyrics on your sticker creation.
  • This app is entirely free to use.
  • Sticker Maker offers customisation with an all-in-one toolkit that lets you make unlimited customized stickers.
  • Supports family sharing set up where six members of a family can use this app.

Download Sticker Maker!


LINE Creators Studio

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

Let’s start with an app called LINE Creators Studio. This is an app that permits you to produce emoticons and sync it with well-known messengers. Read Also : Truecaller app caller id name and number location tracker

In the first place, this app functions as simple as it possibly can so that everyone could create unique stickers and attach them to your dialogues. The method of sticker creation is very simple – you add a pic at the app, mark whatever you want to be at your emoticon and the app erases the rest.

It is important to note that, if you want to build emoticons in seconds, there’s an auto mode that automatically deletes the back. However, these features work well only with portrait selfies or the ones with a plain monochromatic back. In fact, you can add letters to your emoticons and draw on it. Furthermore, there’s a huge assortment of instruments and presets you can add at your pics. Read Also: Download Whatsapp Video Status

In an extension of that, the app permits you to produce artistic stickers and sell them by the app. You can even start with a clean canvas and paint your emoji from the very beginning. Nevertheless, the app requires to approve your project before selling it to be sure it is worth the money. Read Also : Trell Short Video App

To crown it all, if you want to use unique personalized emoticons and mail them to your buddies, you should give the LINE Creators Studio app a try!

Download LINE Creators Studio App


Diwali Stickers For WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

The next app is called Diwali Stickers For WhatsApp. The title of this app completely reflects its central goal- it permits you to make customized emojis.

In the first place, the sticker building technique is very intuitive here so you can produce an emoji with a couple of taps. The emoticon can be made on a base of your pic or illustration. By the way, you can play with color settings and add some corrections to it if you want. You can also add some text as there’re various languages. Read Also : Best Logo Maker App

It is important to note that you can start from a blank canvas and draw sticker in any style you want. There’s also an auto mode that permits you to build a full-on sticker in a few moments. Speaking about the text, there’s an unlimited number of symbols you can try and customize.

Apart from regular emotions the app also suggests you use some pre-made ones. All emoticons in the app are organized into segments and you can search for a particular emotion to find an ideal emoji for any situation. Read Also : Make My Name Ringtone Maker

To crown it all, if you want to design personalized stickers that only you and your mates understand, Diwali Stickers For WhatsApp is a great choice for you. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

Diwali Stickers Download From Here


Sticker Maker Studio

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps
12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

The title of this app completely reflects its purpose. Sticker Maker Studio is the app that permits you to build artistic emoticons from your pics.

In the first place, this app works with all well-known messengers and permits you to import your emoticons in a couple of moments. The process of building an emoticon is very simple- you select a pic and cut all unneeded parts of it. After that, you can play with shade corrections and also add some letters to your pics. Read Also : Happy New Year Photo Frame Making App

By the way, you can alter shade settings and sketch whatever you want. When you’re done with your sticker, you can upload it at your messenger or save it in a png format. In fact, you can add some settings and filter combinations to your favs and add to your upcoming pics to produce a matching sticker set.

It is important to note that the app also works as a social network and permits you to post your stickers so everyone can download it. That way, you can also save stickers made by someone else and use them in your dialogues. By the way, you can use an auto tool that creates stickers automatically for you. Read Also : Camtasia Studio Free Professional Video Making App

To crown it all, if you’re an emoticon lover and would like to develop your assortment, Sticker Maker Studio is a proper option for you. Check it out!

Sticker Maker Studio Download From Here


Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design

Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design
Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design

The next app is more than a regular emoji building application. Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design is an app that permits you to produce sketches and emojis at the same time. To be honest, this app is the most accessible way to generate cute and minimalistic digital designs for any purpose. Apart from similar applications on our list, this one doesn’t build emoticons from your shoots. Read Also : Moj Short Video App

The app covers more than five hundred graphic elements that you can use to build an emoji or a logo. What is more, this app doesn’t limit the number of components and corrections that you can attach to your projects. Speaking about emojis, you can convert every image in PNG format and then use it as a sticker in your messengers. Read Also : Mitron Application Best Video Making App

The information about this app can sound a bit overwhelming and you might think that it’s hard to use it. It is important to note that there’re lots of instruments that will ease your work with emoticons. To be more accurate, you will be empowered to move elements around, reflect it, duplicate it and modify its color. Another fun feature of this app is an emoticon making device that permits you to build an emoji and make it look whatever you want.

Graphic Design Sticker Maker Download From Here

StickersApp: Create and Share Stickers & Memes

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

The title of the next app fully reflects its main purpose. StickersApp: Create and Share Stickers & Memes is an app that permits you to build emoticons.

In the first place, this application makes it very accessible to build an emoticon and mail it by WhatsApp and Telegram. The app carries thousands of emoticons that you can easily upload at your favorite messengers by simply tapping on it. The app permits you to build stickers using your pics with a few taps. READ ALSO: Roposo Video Creation and Sharing App

Speaking about memes, various templates can help you to build a meme. The same situation goes with emoticons – you don’t have to use a template but it can be useful if you don’t know where to begin. After you’ve chosen a template you can pick a font you want to use and adjust all the elements on your projects. You can also paly with color correction settings and try different masks. READ ALSO: Youtube Shorts Fill The Shortage Of TikTok

As you open the app you can see all your projects in one place and organize it into sets. By the way, you can use this application as a blank canvas for your drawings that can be transformed into emoticons.

To crown it all, if you want an app that will level up your imagination and artistry skills, StickersApp is a proper choice for you.

StickersApp Download From Here


YourMoji – Custom Emojis, GIFs

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

YourMoji – Custom Emojis, GIFs is an app that adds an extra emoji category to your regular keyboard.

In the first place, this application permits you to build and alter emojis made by you and your mates and use them in your daily communication. This app functions simply – it syncs with your phone’s keyboard. That way, it works with all well-known messengers and networks you can use. READ ALSO: Make Video Like TikTok On Facebook

It is important to note that this app permits you to immediately shorten your pics and make it an emoticon form. By the way, you can also gain stylish gifs and emojis that will be added to your keyboard.

There’s also an auto mode that turns your pics into an emoji in a blink of an eye. In case you don’t like the final result you can fix emojis yourself. Besides, this app makes it very easy to shorten a pic so you won’t need an extra thing to so that. By the way, you can fix the tail of your shoot and mix filter and emojis at your projects. READ ALSO: Google Duo Video Calling 32 People

To crown it all, if you want to have fun producing emoticons for yourself, YourMoji is an accurate choice for you. Check it out, it won’t fail you!

YourMoji App Download From Here


Aivatar – Stickers for WhatsApp – WAStickerApps

12 Best Whatsapp stickers apps

Let’s start by viewing the central goal of this app. Another important thing is, this app permits you to build emoticons and adds them to your keyboard. Besides, the app can immediately import your emoticons to the messengers you use. There’re several ways to build a sicker in this app. The first one is to form your pics and fix the borders. Read Also: Best Photo Animator Pixamotion

Aside from that, there’s also an emoji producing a device that permits you to formulate a hero as if you would at The Sims game. Another important thing is, you’ll be able to accumulate the gender of your character and set up its appearance. You will be able to alter the skin tone, eye tint, brow and lip shape and much more. There’s also an ability to play with makeup, haircut, and even the outfit. Read Also : One Stop Solution of Entertainment

In extension to that, after you’ll finish with the appearance of your original you can also modify its emotions and posture. By the way, you can fix the borders, blur it and improve its colors. Besides, there’s an ability to add some quotes to your emoticons and even draw something on it.

In the long run, if you’ve always wanted to build an emoji character that will look like you, you should try the Aivatar – Stickers for WhatsApp app.

Aivatar App Download From Here


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