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Yourquote is a Internet company and has headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, india. Moreover, Yourquote employs 110 people. It was established in 2016. As well as Yourquote specializes in internet. It is a private business.

About YourQuote

Your Quote allows you to microblog using images. This platform is ideal for writers because it allows them to publish their writings onto selected wallpapers and claims copyright. Users can share their literary works across social media platforms. Other languages supported include Odia and Bangla, Tamil, French, French, and many more. You can also access their Android app, “YourQuote”, via your smartphone.

YourQuote Funding & Investment

Your Quote raised $1.12M in total funding over two rounds. Their most recent round of funding was a Seed in March 2021 at $125K.

YourQuote founders

Your Quote founders are Harsh Singh (Co-Founder and CEO), Ashish Snehanshu, (Co-Founder and CTO).

Check out the Founders of YourQuote

Board Of Directors

Your Quote’s board includes Harsh Singh (Director) and Ashish Singh (Director).

Full Detail About YourQuote

You can write wallpapers, poems and quotes. Write and get paid!

Your Quote is the only writing app that you will ever need. It was created in India in 2016 and is used by more than 5 million writers in over 12+ languages. It also hosts more than 100 million original posts. YourQuote has thousands of wallpapers that can broadcast your stories, poems and quotes. It’s an app that will make you fall in love again with writing.

Your Quote is a great tool for writers who are just starting out. It helps you to unlock the secrets of writing, and it encourages you to practice every day.

With the Paid Stories feature, YourQuote makes it easy to go professional in your writing journey. You can price your post and get followers and well-wishers subscribe for a low monthly fee. Last but not least, when you have 48 posts ready, Your Quote gives you the option to publish. We deliver your newly printed book right at your door and you can earn royalties from it. We take care of everything related to your writing journey.

YourQuote is committed to making the world write

1. Write Every Day:

That’s it. Your Quote will encourage you to write every day, teach you techniques to improve and unleash your most authentic voice.

2. Get Paid for Writing:

YourQuote allows you to publish Paid Stories. Your readers can support your writing by buying them individually or subscribing monthly. The royalty can be withdrawn from your bank account.


Meet The YourQuote Baba, his family of writers-makers! It provides daily creative writing tips, masterclasses, and prompts that make writing easy and enjoyable for those just starting out, as well as a wealth of information for those who want to go on to achieve their goals. We have everything you need to write a poem or a novel.

4. EARN REAL-TIME Royalty by Publishing Your Book:

After you have published 48 posts, Your Quote will unlock publishing. Publish your book on YQ Bookstore and get a physical copy delivered right to you. You will also earn real-time royalties. You will be notified whenever someone purchases your book and you can connect with buyers immediately. The publishing process has been simplified for everyone.


Have you ever searched Google for quotes from Mother Teresa or Albert Einstein? Have you ever wondered why only quotes from famous people are available on Google? No more. Within two months, YourQuote will turn your own quotes on Google search. After posting 20+ quotes, Google “Your Name Quote” and see the magic happen!


A wise man once said that if you are a friend of a writer, you will never die. Imagine a world full of brilliant writers you can follow and friends with. Your Quote allows you to turn your imagination into reality by giving you access to the best creative minds. Use the fun collab feature of Your Quote to work with your favorite people.


You can write about any topic (and even more) that you like. You can write about anything, from stories, poems to love, memes, jokes, haikus and shayari. YourQuote makes it easy to create a beautiful pictorial portfolio of original literary work.


Posting is bragging! Share your posts across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with a click of a button

9. We can help you write in any language.

You know 20 languages. Our team speaks them all. YourQuote supports all languages and has millions of writers posting original works in English.

Start this very fulfilling journey with words. It’s never too late for you to begin writing. Enjoy discovering yourself on Your Quote 🙂

YourQuote — Write Stories, Poems, Quotes in 14+ Languages
YourQuote — Write Stories, Poems, Quotes in 14+ Languages
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The Most Frequently Asked Questions by Yourquote

These questions concern Yourquote funding, Your Quote revenues, Your Quote founders, Your Quote CEO, Your Quote head office, Your Quote contact information, and many other topics.

Who is Yourquote’s Founder?

Harsh Snehanshu founded Yourquote.

Is Yourquote located in the middle of nowhere?

Your Quote headquarters is in Bangalore, Karnataka, india.

How many employees does Yourquote employ?

Your Quote employs 110 people.

Which sector does Yourquote work in?

Your Quote is available in the internet sector.

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