Become a Digital Nomad: Work From Anywhere In The World

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I’ve always had a fascination with traveling. Since the very beginning I found solace when I was on the road. It was the unpredictability of living in a foreign country and navigating an unfamiliar country that I’ve often felt so calming. Perhaps it’s the solitude of not having anyone or the excitement of being able to explore the vast beauty which exists in the world. Due to that longing to explore across the globe being digital nomad was a natural thing to me.

About Digital Nomad

And what’s not to love? A digital nomad enjoys the luxury of indulgence in the insatiable desire in all of us to discover new things, explore diverse cultures and experience the sense of freedom that comes with traversing the globe. Due to my passion and unending passion for traveling I was a wanderlust worker, self-confessed digital nomad who can work and live remotely from anywhere on earth.

In the last decade, I’ve travelled the world numerous times to see many of the most fascinating locations on the earth of God. From the unquestionably beautiful splendor of cities such as Istanbul and the sparkling waters of its enclosed Bosphorus Sea, to the white-sanded shores of the Dominican Republic, the worn-torn streets of Kiev, Ukraine, the rolling hills of Italy’s Tuscany region, the bustling Canadian city of Vancouver and everywhere else I’ve traveled and worked in these places.

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But being a nomad on the internet not an easy task. To be successful it requires ability and skill. It is also important to understand exactly where and how you’ll earn money. While a lot of these “work from anyplace” companies claim to provide you with the tools you need to live your online nomadic life, the majority of them are created to earn extra cash from you, rather than aid you in earning money.

Become a Digital Nomad: Work From Anywhere In The World

What Is a Digital Nomad?

Before I get into the topic of the steps to becoming a digital nomad first clarify what exactly it is. What exactly is it that it means to be the digital nomad? What kind of freedom will it provide? What restrictions does it create? What should you be aware of prior to embarking on this journey across the globe, and wandering between countries to reach the next?

Wikipedia define digital nomads to be “people who utilize telecommunications to earn money and, in general live their lives in a nomadic fashion. They typically work remotely, usually from other countries such as coffee shops, coffee houses or public libraries, coworking places, even recreational vehicles — to complete tasks and achieve goals which were previously carried out within a stationary, single work space.”

However this doesn’t mean you’ll have to be a self-employed worker. You could be an online nomad while working as an employee. The best travel writers are full-time travelling the globe, carrying their laptops in a bags, banging away at the keyboard while soaking in the enthralling air of the open road , and the ability to go where the winds (or employers) will have them.

But the term digital nomad in the real sense is a self-employed. They’re entrepreneurs and marketers on the internet who are trying to sell lifestyles that include working and living on the beach, earning a lot and having unlimited options to do what they’d like to do, at the time they’d like and wherever they’d like to be in their life. But it’s not as easy. Beware of the hype, or buy a software that assures your success as digital nomad.

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Successful Digital Nomad

The issue? There’s no elevator to the success of digital nomad. It’s a matter of having to go up the steps. You must put in the effort to make sure that you’re prepared to live your lifestyle of a nomadic one and fill that thirst for wanderlust in you. To return to the issues that were asked, there are definitely certain things to consider prior to embarking on your journey. What will you do? Where will you stay? How can you earn income while in another country? What should you do in the event of issues occur?

There are just too many factors competing with this that you have to be prepared financially and organized for the adventure. In certain places your digitally-free life could easily be disrupted by issues like the absence of internet connectivity, the loss of passports or natural disaster, as well as theft, to mention just some. You must be prepared. It is essential to have a backup plan in place or know what you’ll take in the event of a personal, medical or financial crisis.

Yes I’m sure. It’s not as appealing as it does when we raise the warnings, do you think? However, living a nomadic life is an amazing, satisfying and thrilling experience, if you’re able to look past the finer things. But you need to be ready. If you’re planning on taking the road of life and abandoning caution in the face, it’s fine however, don’t make the move before you’ve checked off a few boxes, cross those i’s , and cross those t’s.

Things to Consider Before Embarking on Your Journey To Become A Digital Nomad

Okay. Okay. Now you’ve made your choice. You’ve made a decision to being a self-confessed traveler and going off on your own, going wherever the wind takes you. Sure, it sounds fantastic. Absolutely, great. But prior to embarking on your digital journey, here are a few things to think about.

5 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

1. It will be easier to work

There’s never a moment to waste when you are traveling to beautiful locations almost every single day. A trip to a new place can inspire you to work hard to get it completed as fast as is possible. Adventure is among the most effective ways to motivate yourself.

2. You’ll be able to come up with more ideas that are revolutionary.

Creativity occurs when you mix seemingly unrelated ideas together to create a fresh idea. Neuroscientists refer to this as synaptic playing and the more unrelated concepts appear and the more synapses are created within your brain. Moving around every day can provide you with a variety of different experiences can be pulled from to connect these ideas. When your brain is full of all these varied inputs your ideas will be more imaginative.

3. You’ll get more flexible

Travelling constantly to new destinations takes you beyond your comfortable zone. In order to be able to adjust to new situations every day, you need be prepared to interact with other cultures and people. This will make you more open to experiences that are new in the near future.

Traveling improves the brain’s response to changes. While traveling the stress of traveling to an unfamiliar area triggers dendrites inside your brain. The dangling extensions boost the brain’s ability to adapt and be more attentive when faced with new challenges in the future.

In short, traveling increases your motivation and capacity to acquire new techniques.

4. You’ll have time to enjoy the things that you love

While work can be good, we have to work to live and not vice versa. Being able to finish work earlier gives you more time to wander around take part in activities you’re interested in and spend time with your loved ones.

5. You’ll build lasting friendships

The thrill of adventure and unforgettable experiences create bonds between people. While on your journey, you’ll get to know others who are digital nomads and make acquaintances with these people. If you’re traveling with a close friend or other, you’ll be more intimate than ever.

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#1 — Healthcare

Although traveling around the world could appear to be a thrilling adventure, you’ll still have be aware of your health. From vaccinations required for specific regions of the globe or for checkups, to tests and checks in different parts of the globe as well as unexpected emergencies that could occur, and often do Your health should be considered when travelling around the world.

Finding a general dentist who is fluent in English and determining which dentist to see in the situation of an emergency or the number to call in event of an accident or any other terrifying scenario, it’s essential to collect the correct details and buy insurance for international health before you travel.

There are many plans that cover your needs while you’re traveling. It is recommended to search to find the one to suit your needs. Naturally, this will depend on the nation you’re from and also the country you’re traveling to. However, it’s possible to discover 6-month plans, and even 12-month plans when you travel travelling abroad, which should be sufficient for most circumstances of emergency.

In general, when you’re concerned about your health, here’s a list of things you need to consider prior to embarking on your journey

  • Look into and purchase a health insurance policy
  • When looking for places to stay, make sure to find the closest hospital or dental emergency department, or clinic
  • If you don’t know the language, make sure to find someone to help you translate in urgent circumstances.

#2 — Banking

Although banking is a convenient option in the majority of developed world with debit and credit cards. And even services such as Apple Pay and other smartphone payment methods dominate the scene and make cash nearly non-existent. But that’s not the case for the majority of the world. It is also important be aware of frauds, thefts and other risks based on where you live.

There’s also the problem of having hard cash as well as finding a reliable location to exchange your currency at decent exchange rates. What I’ve discovered is that the most effective method to exchange native currency in the country is to withdraw cash from an ATM that usually has favorable exchange rates, as you don’t do it at the airport. Do not exchange cash at an airport unless are willing to pay a high exchange rate.

What you need to consider is how easy or challenging it is to pay for goods cash or with no cash. If you’re traveling in Eastern Europe, you’ll find that cash is more common than, say Canada as well as Australia. It is also important be wary of ATMs that you come across that are specifically designed to steal your card’s number or even steal your ATM PIN using shady devices that are attached to the machine inside the machine.

Here’s the main points you should be thinking about in relation to international banking:

  • The growing popularity of debit and credit cards for making purchases at the destination you want to go
  • If you use debit cards or credit card, check if your bank has an overseas transaction charge (most do)
  • The cost of withdrawing cash (per-transaction fees and foreign exchange fees) out of an ATM in a foreign country
  • The location of ATMs or banks near to the area you want to remain

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#3 — Housing

Housing is obviously an essential consideration regardless of where you’re headed. Perhaps one of the most expensive expenses of digital nomadic travelers is the house they live in. There are those who like to live rough and sleep on the beach or laying on couches. Personally, this isn’t for me If you’re interested in these kinds of things then surely your home costs will not be as big of a burden.

Some destinations offer great temporary homes or apartments available to rental however, not all have. The best choice is Make use of a website like AirBnB for those who want to remain for short time and then try to negotiate the price when you’re staying for more than a week or two.

Apart from that it is also important to study the neighborhood before making a decision on a long-term plan. Whatever advice you read, having authentic firsthand knowledge of areas in the city that you’re planning to be a digital nomad is essential. What I prefer to do is get an apartment for a few days or a hotel room several days in a tourist destination and then wander around the area by asking the concierge or the locals for suggestions whenever feasible.

In the end Here are the most important tips for housing as digital nomad:

  • Do your research thoroughly by using the personal networks of your friends (where it is) to learn more about the area.
  • Connect with Facebook groups to those who live and work online as nomads these cities.
  • Make sure you have a temporary home before you decide on a place to consider for the future -using websites like CouchSurfing, Airbnb and Craigslist to book things for a few days or even weeks while you conduct your due diligence
  • Be aware of the neighborhood crime since theft is often the most significant issue that digital nomads confront in other countries.

#4 — Transportation

Another important aspect to consider as digital nomads is transportation. How will you navigate around the city you decide to live in for an extended time? If you live in a city that is bustling, but you’re far from the city center what would it be like to be to shopping for groceries or run some errands in the event of need?

In the majority of cases there’s a lot of public transport in many of the cities that are perfect to digital-savvy travelers. But it is important to investigate. Do you have an efficient bus or subway system? Does it make sense to get around without a car even if you’re located situated in the Costa Rican jungle, you might need wheels.

Do your research. If you’re choosing an area based on cheap cost of living, be sure that your transportation is in place. If you’re planning on staying for a longer period of time like more than six months, you’ll require issues such as an international driver’s license when you’re planning on driving an automobile.

In the end, here are some things to think about when it comes to transportation:

  • Do you have a reliable transport system for public use that has buses as well as subways?
  • Are ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft are available in cities?
  • What’s the price of a taxi if you’re not able to access the services of Uber or an adequate public transportation system?

#5 — Language

If you’re an native English speaker and you’re lucky, since English is the primary languages spoken throughout the globe. What you’ll discover in other countries, which are hubs of growth for digital nomads is that cities and metropolitan areas brimming with English people, whereas the suburbs and countrysides less so.

Within certain metropolises and cities you may find people have difficulty speaking. Based on how far you are away from home, so as to speak, the situation will differ. Don’t be relying on others to know the language of your home regardless of where you travel. This is a huge error.

Although you don’t have to know the language spoken in the place you’re visiting but you should master the fundamentals. Find a phrase book or the book on conversational language or download it on your smartphone. You can also choose audiobooks that will help you do exactly the same. There are many excellent ones available which can be helpful, such as those by Pimsleur.

The most important points to be considered in this regard are:

  • You must ensure that you can be able to navigate the local language of the destination you are planning to visit
  • Take a look at a collection of words or an audiobook to master the basic rules of the language.
  • You should use an app like Google Translate handy on your smartphone to assist you in times of crisis

#6 — Phone & Internet

The most crucial aspects of being digital nomad is having access to a variety of means of communication. The availability of a mobile phone as well as access to the internet is essential. However, it is often the case that it can be a challenge when you’re on the road particularly if it’s the first time you’ve been there.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you aren’t able to just take your phone abroad and change your SIM card. If your phone is tied to a particular network, you will not be able to utilize an SIM card from another network. It’s possible to learn this by doing it the hard way.

The answer? Find an affordable phone that is unlocked and to use while in another country that has the basics of internet and the ability to speak. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or costly It’s just an essential tool for travel and connecting with people.

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#7 — Income

The main goal of a digital nomad is being capable of earning enough money to support a family while travelling and exploring across the globe. Based on the method you choose to earn that money traveling around the world could be an satisfying experience or even difficult.

If you choose an area that is relatively affordable to live in, you’re much less likely to encounter this issue. But, accidents are possible and can happen.

Make sure you organize your finances prior to departure. Make sure you settle as many of your debts as you can. Also, make sure you have a steady source of income, or clients to keep you busy during your journey. If possible ensure that you have some savings in case you don’t earn a profit during one month or go through a period of dryness.

What’s the Secret to Become a Successful Digital Nomad?

If you desire to become a digital nomad and being able to traverse across the globe and travel wherever the wind will take you, you’ll need the passive income. It’s the ultimate goal of all income sources. Why? It’s because it’s automatic. In order to take on that wanderlust in you to travel around across the globe and become an online nomad You must ensure that you have enough money in the event that you don’t have a job or aren’t able to earn any income, for whatever reason.

I’m sure. I’m sure of it. It isn’t easy to earn passive income. It’s true. However, the sole reason that I’ve been able become a digital nomad over the last decade is due to the incredible ability that passive revenue can bring. Although it’s not a requirement or a requirement for embarking on your journey but it definitely helps.

While I was able arrange my life to the direction of my travel goals and dreams, it wasn’t simple by any means. To be a digital nomad, you must not only must you be a passionate traveler however, you must also to know the basics about how you can earn an online income that will be paid automatically. In other words you must master the art of creating passive income.

Now, I understand the thoughts you’re having. It doesn’t require an income stream to be an online nomad. That’s true. It’s not true. You could move to a city such as Chiang Mai, and simply do the minimum and work in the gig economy writing articles, graphic design, coding or maybe, for a tiny contact with a human or even teaching English to locals.

Yes you can do all of those.

But, if you’re trying to be a digital nomad, or a nomadic warrior, if you like in which you are able to decide what you want to do and where a break in internet connectivity, the loss of laptops, or any other scenarios that happen while traveling could occur, you’ll not have to look for an alternative to survive. If you earn an income that’s passive which is generated automatically from month to month without the need to maintain and that’s the time you’re completely free.

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