Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile How can Use It

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Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile App and How can Use It

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile creates steady and stabilized time-lapse videos.
The Microsoft Hyperlapse mobile may be a simple app to assist you to shoot steady and stable time-lapse videos. Moreover rapidly upload and improve your happening videos.

Features Of Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile:

  • Instant gratification: Capturing the video, see the Hyperlapse instantly.
  • Import occurring video: Create a hyperlapse of any video you’ve already shot on your mobile.
  • Multiple speeds: choose between 1x to 32x times the conventional speed.
  • Multiple HD Resolutions: Save in 720p or 1080p, if authorized by your device.
  • Stabilize-only mode: Select 1x for stabilization without time-lapse, and maintain the video’s audio track.
  • Share: It’s easy to post your hyperlapses on outstanding social media and video sites like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Save to SD: Save completed videos to SD storage (on compatible devices). Read also: Camera Translator Best App For Translator All  You Want
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
  • Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile expects Android 4.4 or 5.0 (KitKat and Lollipop)

What’s new:

  • Hyperlapses can now be saved in 1080p (on similar mobiles).
  • Hyperlapses can now be saved to SD storage (on similar mobiles).
  • Clarifying how to save the original video with stabilization.
  • Fixed direction on Nexus 5x.

Download hyperlapse Mobile App

Similar App:

Create stunning time-lapse videos (Try another version that is updated).

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Please remark this version of Framlepase Pro will not be updated. Though the last release is going to be accessible to download. Allow us to elucidate why:

Due to Android 8+ security measures, the camera in sleep mode can not be accessed thus making the sleep mode cause issues. But stays available for all those for whom it worked/works nicely in older devices. Read Also: Google Photos Apps For Relieve Share And Organized Your Photos

However, because anyone who has purchased this app needs to have the latest Framelapse, we’ve given all the features as within the pro version (plus more), also freely available within the standard version (except in fact the sleep feature which had to be removed due to OS restrictions). Read also: 10 Best Mobile Live Streaming App

The good news is, the quality version features a new smart screen overlay mode which is extremely on the brink of turning your separate off for many modern OLED displays. Just begin recording, and clasp the rock bottom right button which occurs.

So for professional users, try both versions and work with whichever suits you best. But I’ll recommend using the quality version which is the latest. Hope you understand our interest, and our resolve to assist you best! Read Also: Trell Short Video App For Alternative of TikTok

A full-featured app for creating extraordinary time-lapse videos on your Android™ mobile. Record top quality time-lapse clips easily because of the straightforward, rapidly and instinctive interface.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile


  • Frame Interval to regulate speed.
  • Moreover, set the video duration to automatically stop recording.
  • As well as an inbuilt calculator to understand recording duration.
  • Zoom and autofocus options.
  • Moreover self-timer, white balance, colour effects, exposure compensation.
  • As well as front and back camera support.
  • Video resolution and rotation.
  • The output video is top quality mp4 format and may be played on any device.
  • Moreover instant no playback and no rendering time.
  • As well as video frame rate.
  • Moreover storage directory.
  • Displays length of time-lapse video being recorded.
  • As well as dynamic preview size and no preview cropping.
  • Moreover inbuilt app guide and faq.

Download Framelapse Pro: Timelapse App


  • Custom frame interval of starting from 0.1 seconds up to 24 hours.
  • Moreover custom video duration.
  •  As well as a custom self-timer for recording delay.
  • Custom bit rate.
  • White balance lock.
  • Exposure Lock.
  • Wizard mode to line frame interval automatically.
  • Sleep mode (screen off) while

documenting which reduces battery drain considerably
(Sleep doesn’t work with Android 9 and later, thanks to background camera restrictions) Read also: Happy New Year Wishing App Create Your Photo Frame

  • Support surely features is deciding by your device’s camera hardware.
    (Please note MediaTek devices not supported)

Discover gorgeous new patterns in daily events which remain hidden to our eyes. Watch the setting sun for a few seconds or a voyage for a minute and ready to be amazing. Record incredible time-lapse and hyperlapse videos with comfort now.

Conclusion  ::

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