Pakistan New PM 2022 Name! Who is the Pak 23rd Prime Minister..?

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Pakistan New PM Name 2022 is discussed here. Check Pak 23rd Prime Minister Name, Political career, Who is the new PM of Pakistan? Imran Khan No-trust vote – Imran Khan no longer PM says Pak Govt.

According to the buzz Imran Khan was de-notified as the PM of Pakistan, in wake of the dissolution of the National Assembly by the President. Read this article carefully to know about Pakistan’s New Prime Minister Name, Political career, history, and others.

As per the latest news Imran Khan was on Sunday de-notified as the PM of Pak, as per the Constitution of Pakistan he can continue as the PM for 15 days till the appointment of a caretaker PM. Now the question arises. Who is the new Prime Minister of Pakistan?

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A notice from the Cabinet Division consequent upon dissolution of the National Assembly by the Pak’s President, in terms of Article 58(1) with 48(1) of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pak, vide Ministry of Parliament Affairs SRO No 487(1)/2022 on 3rd April, Mr Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi ceased to hold the office of the PM of Pak with immediate effect.

Pakistan New PM Name 2022

As per the news and notification, there is no clear information regarding how a caretaker Prime Minister will be appointed as OM and Leader of Opposition and who make the appointment. Read this article carefully to know about Pakistan New PM Name 2022? or Pakistan Caretaker PM Name 2022.

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Pakistan Supreme Court bars state institutions from taking any unconstitutional steps after the dissolution of the National Assembly – Dear friends, the de-notification comes few times after a day of fast-paced developments as now-former Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri abruptly dismissed the no-confidence motion as unconstitutional saying that it was backed by foreign powers. Dismissal of the no-confidence motion President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly as per the advice of the ex-premier.

Pakistan new PM 2022
Imran Khan is not the PM of Pakistan New pm 2022

New Prime Minister in Pakistan

After that Mr Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi addressed the nation shortly after the session’s adjournment –  sought fresh elections and asked Pakistans to geat up for the polls as the opposition lashed out at the government’s act of dismissing the motion as unconstitutional.

As per the Former information minister Fawad Chaudhry – the ruling given in the National Assembly deputy speaker for the dismissal of the no-trust motion against Imran Khan was final and could not challenge in any court of law.

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Read the article to know about Pakistan’s New PM – who will be next PM of Pakistan?

Pakistan New PM – as per the official figures in the 342 member Assembly, Khan’s governing Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf and coalition allies have 176 seats. MQM-P said of Wednesday that is 7 members would vote for the opposition. According to the buzz and prediction of various leaders and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, head of the PPP – Pakistan People’s Party that Shahbaz Sharif would be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

There is no clear information regarding who will be the New PM in Pakistan. It will be revealed shortly after officially being announced by the concerned department of Pakistan. 

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Who is the New PM in Pakistan?

Who is Shahbaz Sharif, and what is his political background? Former Pak PM Nawaz Sharif has a younger brother known as Shehbaz and is a politician. He started his political career in 1988 when he was elected to the Punjab Provincial Assembly in a general election. Nawaz Sharif is a merchant by trade.

He was elected to Pakistan’s National Assembly in 1990. Nonetheless, when the assembly dissolve in 1993 his tenure as a member came to an abrupt end before it could be completed. After a long time, he make a comeback to Pakistan, the following year he was appointed as CM of Punjab. His brother Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from holding public office and he was nominated to be the PML president. Having been re-elected as CM of Punjab in 2013.

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Who is Shahbaz Sharif?

Now Shahbaz Sharif holds the record for the province’s longest-serving CM. He represent his party until the party was defeated in the 2018 presidential election poll. In the following year, Imran Khan defeated him in the elections.

According to the source retired senior military general and politician analyst Haroon Aslam and Justice Saeed Aslam are among those in the race for caretaker PM

A coup against PM Imran Khan resulted in the dissolution of parliament making 1st step toward early elections in Pakistan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin received Imran Khan on a visit to Moscow, which coincided with the beginning of Russia’s military of Ukraine. The war or terror is something he has previously criticized.

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Pakistan New Caretaker PM

Imran Khan pokes fun at opposition leaders – says they are still unable to understand what happened. The opposition is still unable to understand what happened today. According to Khan – the opposition is clueless about the situation rightnow. If I had disclosed what I was about to do yesterday, they wouldn’t have been shocked.

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