The Best Free Word Processor 2020: Microsoft Word Options

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The best free word processor

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A complete free word processor will make everyday tasks faster and easier. So we’ve put together a collection of the best options available right now.

You can manage to create spreadsheets without spreadsheet tools or anything. But text documents are indispensable. Thanks, you don’t have to splash on a full micro; ft office fee subscription. There are some great word processors available for download and complete free use.

Here we are looking at a very good word processor that can be used to fly offline (especially for interruption-free writing).  But there are also many excellent browser-based tools to consider whether you can make your text online offline.

Google Drive is the most obvious option and has the advantage of saving your work automatically. So you don’t have to worry if your connection fails. This is a good alternative to collaborative work. It means you don’t have to upload the work to a separate cloud storage service. However, it has a limited selection of templates. No way to import content from other Google applications. And any tool is bound to be distracted by social media. Such as online tool interruptions.

The best free word processors at a glance

  1. WPS Office Free Writer
  2. LibreOffice writer
  3. FocusWriter
  4. SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker
  5. WriteMonkey

The best word processor available today is: Microsoft Word

For sheer features and convenience it’s still hard to beat Microsoft Word. While it’s not free like the tools listed below. Because the latest version fully integrates with Microsoft OneDrive. However lets you shift material seamlessly between the whole suite of Office 365 apps.

WPS Office Writer

(Image credit: Kingsoft)

1. WPS Office Free Writer

A word processor with cloud storage and support for all text files

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Interface almost identical to Word
Excellent file format support
Free cloud storage
Contains some ads

If you’ve used a modern version of Microsoft Word. Then there’ll be no learning curve when you switch to Writer – the word processing component of WPS Office Free.

This free word processor looks and behaves almost exactly like its premium counterpart. Moreover even has its own equivalent of OneDrive, offering 1GB free cloud storage.

Its selection of pre-installed templates gives you everything you need for common document types. Moreover you can easily create your own for bespoke tasks.Eve It’s compatible with every text file format you can think of, including current and legacy versions of Microsoft Word dating back to Office 97.

WPS Office Writer is supported by discrete ads, which can be removed by upgrading to the premium version, but they’re barely noticeable and no features are locked behind a paywall. Overall, WPS Writer is very impressive. Moreover in our opinion it’s the best free word processor available to download today.

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LibreOffice Writer

(Image credit: The Document Foundation)

2. Libre Office Writer

All-singing, all-dancing word processors for any text-based work

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Excellent format compatibility
Document template galleries
Support for plugins
No ads or paywalls

LibreOffice is a fork of Apache OpenOffice. And the two offer very similar word processing apps. But LibreOffice receives more frequent updates and has a more lively userbase. So we’re inclined to lean in its favor.

The word processor, Writer, is a feature-packed analog of Microsoft Word. And packed with all the tools you could need for any text-based work.

The two versions of Writer include wizards and templates for common document types. Such as invoices and letters, and it’s easy to create your own templates for future use as well.For example the word processors also work together with the other office software in their respective suites – so you can use Base to create a bibliography.

Both word processors support all the most popular file formats. And can export documents to PDF without the need for additional software. If you’re looking for a word processor that can stand in for Microsoft Word, either of these two will be a perfect candidate.

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(Image credit: Graeme Gott)

3. Focus Writer word processor

The ideal word processor for first drafts, with no fussy formatting

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Blocks out distractions
Timers and alarms
Auto-save function
Not ideal for editing

If you simply want to hammer out some words without worrying about formatting, you could just use Windows’ built-in Notepad app. But Foxus Writer is full of clever tools that will help you maximize productivity without ever getting in the way.

As the name implies, FocusWriter blocks out all distractions so you can give that all-important first draft your full attention. In normal use, all you see is a blank page – toolbars are only visible if you move your mouse pointer to the edge of the screen – but there’s a killer feature in Focused Text. Which fades everything into the background except the current paragraph or sentence.

FocusWriter also features alerts that are triggered at certain times, or when you’ve reached a predefined word count. So you don’t need to worry about watching a counter (as you would in Microsoft Word). This also makes FocusWriter a good tool to use in tandem with the Pomodoro Technique. Which involves working hard for a period of time that’s long enough for you to work productively, but not so long that you become fatigued.

It’s not great for editing, but for productivity, FocusWriter is hard to beat.

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SoftMaker FreeOffice

(Image credit: SoftMaker)

4. SoftMaker Free Office TextMaker

Another great looking word processor, but watch your file formats

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux


Can export to EPUB format
Prints multiple pages per sheet
Opens password-protected files
Doesn’t support DOCX files

TextMaker – the word processing element of SoftMaker Free Office – is good looking. Subsequently comes with several handy templates for creating letters and other everyday documents. Moreover the selection isn’t as extensive as some of its rivals’. But you can also make new designs for future use and save them in TMV format.

All the features you’d expect from a modern word processor are present and correct, including advanced formatting options. The ability to create databases for managing bibliographies and footnotes, and a function for tracking changes to collaborative projects.

The only real drawback of TextMaker is its inability to save your work in DOCX format (though you can open and edit these files with no difficulty). This feature is limited to the premium version of SoftMaker Office. Which retails for £48.20 (about US$60, AU$75).



(Image credit: pomarancha_)

5. Writemonkey

Productivity-focused word processing with quick shortcuts

Operating system: Windows

Distraction-free interface
Supports markup
Handy keyboard shortcuts
Only works with TXT files

WriteMonkey is another no-frills word processor designed to help you maximize your output without fussing with editing and formatting. It’s not intended for documents like letters or CVs. But is great for committing early ideas to paper (or screen) so you have the raw material to develop later.

Unlike FocusWriter, which is compatible with all the most common text formats.  WriteMonkey only works with TXT files. So you’ll have to convert any works in progress before opening them. Moreover writeMonkey’s hidden controls are trickier to navigate, too – everything is accessed via a large right-click menu, or a vast collection of keyboard shortcuts.

That said, if you’re happy to commit those shortcuts to memory, you’ll find WriteMonkey faster to use than toolbar-based alternatives.

We also like the ability to look words up in Wikipedia, Google Images,, Likewise many others without opening a browser winder manually and leaving yourself open to the temptations of Twitter and Facebook.

WriteMonkey is a portable app, so no need to install it. Therefore just extract all the downloaded files to a removable drive or cloud storage service. And fire it up by running the file WriteMonkey.

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