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Get 3D Satellite images for any place. Explore mountains and cities with tours. Explore the entire globe from the sky with 3D satellite images and satellite imagery of the entire world and 3D buildings from hundreds of cities across the globe. Zoom into your home or any other location, then jump into a 360-degree view using Street View. Explore the world through a fresh perspective by using Voyager which is a collection of guided tours offered by BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. You can now experience the stunning stories and maps you’ve made by using Google Earth App on web on your smartphone. Google Earth App is a free software to download and install. 

Zoom in from Space: Google Earth lets you ascend from space to see nearly any place on Earth!

Google Earth App | Google Earth Download Free

What is Google Earth App?

Google Earth App can be described as a no-cost application by Google that lets you “fly” over a virtual globe and explore the Earth with high-resolution images including satellite photos. Moreover, It’s a lot better than static maps and satellite images. As well as Google Earth App gives you a aerial views of the globe below.

Google Earth is the world’s most detailed map and is it is among the best widely downloaded applications in the web’s history. Within minutes, you’ll be zooming into your home town and taking visual trips to the world’s most visited or remote areas.

The pictures are sufficiently detailed that in the majority of regions you can clearly see your home, the objects in your backyard and, often, your car that is parked on the street. Digital elevation models within Google Earth allows you to see the landscape of various geographical regions in 3D. Read Also: Google Arts & Culture Download | Google Arts & Culture Android App

A Free Download Google Earth

Google Earth App is a free software that downloads and installs onto either your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop or desktop computer. It requires minimal memory on the hard disk since the images are saved on Google’s servers, and then streaming to your computer on request.

Google Earth is also available as a browser plug-in, and as a mobile-friendly app. Google has offered the software for free and continually improving it since 2005. This program was downloaded more than one billion times. Read Also: Solar eclipse 2022 surya grahan date time and how to watch

Did You Not Know? Most people don’t know the fact that Google Earth works on Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Moreover, The Android version of Google Earth App is available for download Free via Google Play Store. Google Play Store. The iOS version is available via either the App Store as well as iTunes.

Download Google Earth App From Here

Clicking the button above will take users to Google website, where you can download the Google Earth software for free. We often utilize Google Earth App for research, learning and for fun! We are not compensated by Google to endorse their service. We are just enthusiastic consumers and users of Google Earth software. Hope you enjoy!

Recent Images, Updated Regularly On Google Earth App

The majority of images on Google Earth were taken within the last three years. As well as Google constantly updates the set of images for various regions of the Earth. Cities with a lot of population generally are more modern and have higher resolution images than the less populous areas.

Some people that the images that are displayed on Google Earth App are images that have been compiled by Google Earth program are live-updated directly from satellites. However, this is not the case. The images are taken from satellites, transformed by image suppliers. As well as government entities, later added in Google Earth App. Google Earth image database in groups.

But, Google and its image suppliers do have the capability to quickly add new images to the program. This is often used in emergencies for instance, when a region is struck by a natural catastrophe and new images could provide valuable aid to the relief and recovery efforts.

Locate Your Car! Google Earth App images are so precise that you could be able to locate cars in an parking lot! Be aware that the information isn’t constantly updated by satellites. The image could be a representation of where you were parking in the month of December or even last year! Read Also: Statue of Unity 360 View Amazing Experience


Google Earth App will install on the majority of computers in just two clicks. A lot of people are amazed to find out they can use Google Earth will even work on their tablet computers or mobile. You can take it along while exploring the beaches, neighborhood fishing spots or hiking spots and more.


If you open your Google Earth program on your laptop or smartphone. Then it will display an image of Earth in space. You can make use of your controls “fly” down and find your current location. If you’re needing to get somewhere fast it is easy to look up an address, any name for a place, or the coordinates of a geographic location. Google Earth App will quickly “fly” you to where you need to go.

Developed for the CIA?

Google Earth App was originally called “Earth Viewer 3D.” It was created in the hands of Keyhole, Inc., which is a company that was which was financed through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The program was created to be a tool that could be used for “browsing the earth” – which is precisely its purpose.

Google bought Keyhole in 2004 and through that acquisition, it acquired Earth Viewer 3D. Which was improved and made available for at no cost to the public in 2005. Download your Google Earth copy today. Google Earth App by clicking the blue button to the right.

Google Sky, Mars and Moon In Google Earth App

If you are a fan of Google Earth, you might be able to learn about Google SkyGoogle Moon and Google Mars. These are all free online apps which are similar with Google Earth.


Look Up real estate: 

If you are looking for an apartment or commercial real estate. Then Google Earth can help to get a quick overview without having to travel there. Buyers and real estate agents utilize it all the time!

Buzz Famous landmarks! 

View famous landmarks such as Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox since 1912.

Imagine You’re inside the box of the batter! 

You can even visit some venues. If you visit Fenway Park, you can enjoy a perspective from the batter’s area!

3D Fly-Overs 

View 3D fly-overs of cities around the world, including New York. As well as Chicago, San Francisco, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing, London, or Paris.

Google Earth Live Street view:

Google Earth App can access the “Street Map” images. That Google obtains by driving through along city streets and taking photos in 3D. It is possible to switch between satellite images that you browse and street view photos using the zoom button. This is among the most frequently used options that are part of Google Maps. Google Maps data set.

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